domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008

Bestial Raids/Blasphemophagher-Hellish Assault / Cult of Nuclear Hell

ALBUM: Hellish Assault / Cult of Nuclear Hell
YEAR: 2005

1.Impious Doom of Holy Entity03:03
2.Absolute Triumph04:12
4.War Vulture02:58
5.Grave Desecration (Beherit cover)01:54
6.Nuclear Apocalypse (Intro)00:44
7.Cult of Nuclear Hell02:18
8.Quantum Spears of Annihilation02:34
9.Crawling Nuclear Chaos03:19
10.Experimental Condemnation to Eternal Agony03:07
11.Thermonuclear Devastation (Onslaught cover)01:01
12.Curse of the Phosgene Fog03:19
13.Emperor of the Black Abyss (Blasphemy cover)02:51
14.Misanthropic Obcession (live)03:17
15.Grind the Head of God (live)02:14
16.In the Name of Satan (Impaled Nazarene cover) (live)00:47
17.Necrowar Holocaust (live)02:38
18.Order of Doom (live)05:17

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