domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2009

Onslaught(UK)- What Lies Ashed (1983)-Demo

ALBUM: What Lies Ashed
YEAR: 1983
GENRE: Thrash metal
COUNTRY: United Kingdon

1.Witch Hunt03:52
2.Protest But Who Said You`ll Survive01:53
3.The Choice03:50
4.Visions of the Future01:38
5.Black Horse of Famine02:06
6.Shadow of Death01:23
7.Skill Crusher04:24
8.Thermonuclear Devastation01:13
9.Hear the Scream04:42
10.Fight for the Earth01:35
11.Steel Meets Steel03:45
12.Treading the Path Toward Death01:58


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