sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2009

Necrovore - Unreleased Evil (2008)

ALBUM: Unreleased Evil
GENRE:Death metal

1.Mutilated Death04:22
2.Slaughtered Remains03:54
3.Divus de Mortuus03:17
4.Toxic Decay05:06
5.Demented Evil03:29
6.Mutilated Death03:50
7.God of the Dead03:08
8.Toxic Decay04:54
9.Demented Evil05:51
10.Mutilated Death04:02
11.Chaotic Malevolence06:03
12.God of the Dead03:42
13.Toxic Decay05:05
14.Treacherous Abomination12:30

Um comentário:

Mario Rivera disse...

AAAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! could it be possible to please have the downloaders for thos masterpiece re connected??? allways been a die hard follower of this cult act since they did used to send their reh. demo on cassette from their ad in brtownsville TX., but since I left the country, I was never aware of the existence of this bootleg... but I always knew that there had to be more, ever since Kim August from Ultimatum magazine went to Texas and spent over 2 fucking months with them, assisting to their reh. sessions, concerts and all kinds of shit, and they wanted to tell me that after all this dealing, all she came back with was a T-shirt and the stupid same ol´ reh. demo????? fuck no... she wasn´t willing to share this back then, it was even rumored that there was a video that she had, which ended up being truth....

I never knew anyone else who had anything else on Necrovore, so to me this is just fuckin incredible!!! Purchase of this bootleg, is not an option at this point anymore, so we can only count on your help to obtain at least, an electronic copy of it; your consideration into this request, is highly and bloodily appreciated..... darkest most evilest regards!!!