segunda-feira, 16 de novembro de 2009

Belsebub - Elohim [1992]/Disemboweled [1991]/ Lord of Lucast [1990]

ALBUM: Elohim/Disemboweled/ Lord of Lucast
GENRE: Death metal
YEAR: 1990 a 1992

Belsebub - Elohim

1.Chemical Warfare04:15
2.Infected Organs02:41
3.Masses to Reveal02:54

Belsebub - Disemboweled

1.To Ashes03:00
2.Human Sacrifice02:49
3.Extirpation Of Belief02:48
4.Evasive Terror03:19
5.Incurable Sickness03:37

Belsebub - Lord of Lucast

1.Satan Cross02:27
2.One Of Darkness02:33
3.Cannibal Minds02:28
4.In The Mercy Of Satan02:32
5.World Nightmares02:30
6.Two Sides Of Life02:42
7.Lord Of Lucast02:28
8.Human Sacrifice03:11