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Conqueror (Can) - Hammer Of Antichrist - History of Annihilation

ALBUM: Hammer Of Antichrist - History of Annihilation
YEAR: 2003
GENRE: Black/Death metal

1.Infinite Majesty04:57
2.Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)05:52
3.Age of Decimation03:57
4.Kingdom against Kingdom02:12
6.Hammer of Antichrist02:38
7.The Curse (Slaughter cover)02:31
8.War Cult Supremacy03:31
9.Domitor Invictus06:36
10.Ross Bay Damnation (intro) / Chaos Domination (Conquer the Enslaver)06:20
11.Hammer of Antichrist02:40
12.The Curse (Slaughter cover)01:55
13.Domitor Invictus06:02
14.Christ's Death (Sarcófago cover)03:21
15.Command for Triumph04:38
16.Hammer of Supremacy04:46


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The Blair Bitch disse...

Fuck yes, this band is from the town I grew up in! Hail to blasphemy, revenge and conqueror!