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Sadogoat(Den) - Panzer Goat Sessions 1998-2001(By SATANIK NUKLEAR WARSTRIKE)

ALBUM:Panzer Goat Sessions 1998-2001
GENRE:Black/Death metal

1.Intro: Satanic War Engine00:23
2.Female Goat Perversion02:32
3.The Sabbath of the Goat01:22
4.Fragile Being on the Altar02:08
5.Blasting Black Goat Attack01:39
6.There is no Silence in the Abyss03:35
7.The Weeping of Angels01:29
8.Outro: Raped by the Horny Goat03:35
9.Intro: Perfection of the Pentagram00:28
10.Delusional Necrotic Carnage02:25
11.The Age of the Golden Goat02:49
12.Holocaustal Slaughter of Christians04:17
13.Destruction of all Holiness02:42
14.In a Storm of Hate and Hunger04:38
15.The Rise of Shub-Niggurath02:10
16.Outro: Massive Goat Attack00:29
17.Intro: Death-Visions of Kadath00:55
18.Goatzone Massacre (1944)02:51
19.Permanent Return of Cthulhu02:43
20.Total Human Holocaust03:03
21.Goodbye to the Light00:25
22.Minnesjord (Ildjarn cover)00:59
23.Shub-Niggurath; The Black Goat01:41
24.Von (Von cover) (Drunken Version)01:29
25.Black Rites of Goat Blood02:23
26.Intro: Black Metal Noise00:11
27.The Hategoat Massacre Killing01:53
28.Fragile Being on the Altar03:03
29.Outro: Hail Satanic Savior00:14



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