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Sadomator - Sadomatic Goat Cult (2006)(By SATANIK NUKLEAR WARSTRIKE)

ALBUM:Sadomatic Goat Cult
GENRE:Black/Death metal

1.Sadomator Goat (Outro)01:22
2.Incest and Brutality01:02
3.Urine Injected In Cunt02:10
4.Sadomatic Goat Cult02:14
5.Baphomet's Vomit04:32
6.A Thousand Young01:42
7.Nuclear Paradise02:19
8.Hitler's Brain (Intro)00:40
9.Ripped by the Goat (Outro)00:37
10.Emetic Womb of Christ01:57
11.Sexual Metalcoholocaust02:57
12.Phosphorous Heavenly Grace01:57
13.Phallus Goat Hammer01:01
14.Goat Storm Capristallation02:41
15.The Morbid Savouring01:11
16.Into Mental Goatifixion04:11


Pass: rulodeth

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